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Our Story

One day, while designing a circuit board for an upcoming trade show, our Founder stumbled upon a significant obstacle. What should have been a simple board was complicated by the scarcity of accessible digital models for the PCB design. Just imagine if you were creating a spaceship out of lego and needed to mould each block from scratch? This lack significantly increased design time, a struggle shared by engineers worldwide.

The industry was desperately seeking a solution - a platform where engineers could instantly access digital models for millions of electronic components. A platform that would help them innovate better products...

This is why we created the first search engine for electronics design,

The circuit board that started it all

Our first tradeshow - the Consumer Electronics Show!

Today, we proudly serve 1.5 million electrical engineers, from small startups to industry powerhouses like Boeing and Raytheon.

Now, the future is SnapMagic

SnapMagic, our AI-driven solution, is redefining speed and creativity in electronics design all over again.

But it's more than just a tool. Born from a simple yet profound problem, SnapMagic is a revolution. It's our response to complexity, transforming intricate tasks into beautifully simple processes.

With SnapMagic, we're not just altering the landscape of electronics design; we're shaping the future of innovation. Join us in this revolution, and together, let's empower engineers to create seamlessly, without limits.

Our mission is to abstract the monotony so engineers can get into flow, and expedite the journey from idea to reality.

Funded by Silicon Valley’s best investors

Jeff Dean
Head of Google AI
Jude Gomilla
Founder, Golden
Chris Rowen
VP, Cisco
Jim Hogan
Georges Harik
Founder, Imo.im
Founder, StandardFleet
Tom Preston-Werner
Founder, Github
Andreas Schobel
Founder, Catch
Kartik Lamba
Director of Engineering
Alexander Norman
Panagiotis Papadopoulos

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