Your AI Copilot
for Electronics Design

Fly faster with your existing PCB design tool. Built on top of SnapMagic.

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Works with the tool you already use

Use AI to auto-complete circuit board designs

Auto-complete circuits

SnapMagic is your friendly co-pilot, making helpful recommendations to automate your circuit board design - with you always at the helm.

Streamline micro-decisions

Trained on datasheets, SnapMagic takes the wheel on repetitive tasks like adding bypass capacitors, leaving you free to tackle the more challenging and gratifying aspects of your design.

Use natural language to streamline your design process

Use natural language to interact with your circuit

Chat with your circuit board design in the same way you'd chat with your co-worker. You can even automate entire schematics from scratch.

Optimize your BOM for cost and power

With SnapMagic, take your entire bill of materials (BOM) and streamline it effortlessly. Prioritize factors like cost or power and SnapMagic will suggest optimizations, including new components, to you.

Make informed decisions with real-time supply chain data

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Find replacements in the supply chain

SnapMagic is integrated with all major distributors, which means it can alert you if you are using out-of-stock parts and even suggests alternatives - all within your trusted circuit board design tool.

Purchase BOMs with 1 click

When your design is ready for manufacturing, check out your bill-of-materials from our distributor partners with just one click.

At SnapMagic, we are creating a world where engineers can spend more time innovating.

We clear away the monotony so you can get into flow.

Built on trusted CAD data loved by over 1 million engineers

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